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Fresh Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry Sauce for Thanksgiving!

As the holiday season approaches many family traditions come to mind. This is always one of my favorites. It can be made in a food processor or blender using all raw ingredients. This delicious Cranberry Sauce for Thanksgiving can be prepared in advance for your

Milanese Gremolata: Flat leaf parsley, garlic, lemon & mint

Milanese Gremolata Infused Olive Oil

Milanese Gremolata Infused Olive Oil is one of Cultivated Tree's most versatile olive oils!  Traditional Gremolata is a condiment used widely in Italy, and many European countries, consisting of lemon zest,minced garlic, Italian flat leaf parsley and a bit of mint.  So, this lovely infused

Corn chowder with mushrooms and crab at Cultivated Tree Olive Oil

Corn Chowder with Mushrooms and Crab

Corn Chowder with Mushrooms and Crab was one of the only dishes I would eat with mushrooms. There are a lot of ingredients - but it is very yummy in the end.    And, I am teaching myself to 'like' mushrooms- therefore, recipes with them! 

Chicken with Spinach and Mushrooms in a white bowl.

Chicken with Spinach & Mushrooms

Chicken with Spinach & Mushrooms is a great dish to prep either the night before or a whole day prior to needing a one pan meal for dinner.  This can go straight from the fridge to the oven to bake and is great over rice,

Pesto Pizza with rosemary ham and caramelized onions by Cultivated Tree Olive Oil Co.

Pesto Pizza with rosemary ham & caramelized onions.

A few weeks ago I sent out a very basic pesto recipe which is wonderful on Pesto Pizza with rosemary ham & caramelized onions.  I first made this as a thanks to a construction team at our home years ago.  We had several options but

Angel hair pasta and fresh tomato sauce - simply summer!

Summer Angel hair Pasta with tomato sauce!

I really feel so fortunate to mingle on a daily basis with such wonderful people that have graced our store.  About a month ago - Emory and her mom were in and it made me realize I had not made this dish in a very

Closeup of freshly made Basil pesto in ramekin with background of fresh basil out of focus

Basil Pesto

Fresh basil pesto just screams Summer in our house.  And if your garden is like ours,  just a few plants keep you busy harvesting.  So, enjoy this very simple condiment of basil pesto over pasta - top it with grilled shrimp for an easy evening

Cultivated Tree Grilled Corn on the Cobb with cilantro and Parmesan cheese.

Summer Corn!

Corn, black bean and avocado dip and grilled corn on the Cobb are a great way to enjoy the bounty of summer!  We hope you agree. Grilled Corn on the Cobb Whatever your grilling preference - this is a great use of summers bounty of corn! 4-6 ears

Greek Lemon Chicken

Here is a Greek Lemon Chicken recipe a wonderful new friend shared from Celia's Yia-Yia (grandmother).  We have the most wonderful customers and Jay is no exception - although he is new to our store, I emboldened myself to ask him for an authentic Greek