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Gluten Free 30 Minute Dinners!

30 Minute Chicken - Dinner 2 Night

Gluten Free 30 Minute Dinners!

Summer is at end and you need dinner quickly. We have you covered, try our new spice line of 30 minute meal options – gluten free! Today features Chicken which I prepared in a cast iron skillet, served with steamed green beans and a burrata cheese salad. It received the family thumbs up for a repeat.

Gluten Free Chicken in 30 Minutes

Gluten Free Chicken prepared in a cast iron skillet.

Prep Time 5 minutes


  1. This is not my typical "recipe" – it's an easy "how to." Simply pat your chicken breasts dry, sprinkle with our new Chicken Grill Spice and drizzle with your favorite Cultivated Tree Olive Oil and cook for 4-5 minutes per side in a pre-heated skillet or on the grill. Or, sear both sides of the chicken, then cover and cook 15 minutes on medium high heat.

    TIP: Chicken Tenders will cook much more quickly or, slice your chicken breast in half (long way) and use a meat mallet to even out your thickness – this will also speed up cooking time.

    TIP 2 for Planners: Slice and Rub chicken breast in the morning and leave to marinate all day for more flavor. Also

  2. While the chicken is cooking, steam your green beans and prep your salad. I sliced fresh tomato and halved a burrata cheese ball, drizzled with a bold Extra Virgin Olive Oil, salt pepper and thinly sliced fresh basil.